3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made By Language Schools

3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made By Language Schools

#1: Not adapting sales and marketing channels 

Many companies (especially Western ones) believe they can enter new markets by following the same methods that brought them domestic success. 🔑

While brand consistency is important, different markets favor different sales and marketing approaches.

For example, in countries where relationships have a higher cultural value, such as Japan, selling products and services through local partners, such as channel partners, achieve faster success than direct sales models.

Conversely, online and “touchless” sales models are often popular in markets where the cost of living is higher and automation is prized, such as the Nordic market. 📱

#2: Not adapting the product offering 

Companies achieve “product-market fit” one country at a time.

Yet all too often, companies try to launch identical products in different markets, ignoring the fact that they’re dealing with very different customers. 🌍

Pricing is a similar issue. 

Because the value proposition varies from one market to the next, pricing will vary.

While it’s not always essential for companies to change their pricing structure for international markets, many companies find that they are able to grow much more quickly by making adjustments at the local level.

#3: Failing to plan long term

Businesses that don’t have a clear plan of attack fail.

You’ll chase the latest online marketing techniques and waste money on paid ads which don’t bring any leads. 💸

What are your goals? What do you expect out of your business? How will you know when you’ve reached these goals?

At the very least you need to know what your aims for your business are, who you’re marketing to, and what makes you different from everyone else out there.

No plan = No business 🆘

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