5 Countries Where International Students Can Get an MBA for Free

5 Countries Where International Students Can Get an MBA for Free

Top Five Foreign Countries for Students Pursuing an MBA

  • Malaysia
  • Germany
  • Taiwan
  • France
  • India

Studying abroad makes a lot of sense, especially for MBA students on a budget and executive MBA students who speak multiple languages. The top foreign destinations for American students are all very affordable and able to offer a fascinating, educational experience for anyone interested in world cultures. Pursuing a master’s degree is a big step to take, and reducing tuition fees and living costs can make the experience much more enjoyable. By studying abroad, students can combine the benefits of an education with the rewards of a foreign vacation.

1. Malaysia

Malaysia is an excellent destination for students on a budget looking for beautiful scenery, affordable living costs, cheap tuition, and quality education. For a two-year degree, graduate students can expect to spend about $3,000 for tuition and $5,000 for living costs. The cost of pursuing a master’s degree is significantly lower in Malaysia than in the United States, where the cost of living is typically many times higher than $5,000 for the duration of a college degree program. Malaysia is a beautiful country known for its sandy beaches and tropical island culture, so most students will find it ideal for a low-cost study destination.

2. Germany

Many Americans don’t know that college tuition is free in Germany for students who have the paperwork necessary for a temporary residence in the country. While tuition is free, administrative costs will increase the total expenses to about $700 per year. The cost of living is considerably higher in Germany than in Malaysia, and foreign students studying in Germany are typically expected to speak German. Many courses are offered in English, including graduate courses, but fewer opportunities are available to non-German speakers in this country.

3. Taiwan

Taiwan is a perfect destination for student ex-pats looking for cheap accommodations, excellent education, and vibrant culture with many opportunities for business and social engagements. One thing students should be aware of is that politics can be a taboo subject in Taiwan as there are currently disagreements about the relationship between Taiwan’s democracy and China’s autocracy. While studying at Taiwanese universities can be a great way to save money on tuition and have an unforgettable experience, it’s important for foreign students to be aware of the differences in customs and behavior between Eastern and Western countries.

4. France

France is another European country with very affordable universities and a cost of living comparable to the United States. The cost of tuition for a master’s degree is about $300 per year although French universities usually add administrative fees to the total amount to cover operational costs. Studying in France is an experience few people forget. The large cities in France have a history dating back to ancient times, and the French people are known for their relaxed way of life.

5. India

Over the last few years, India has emerged as one of the top five destinations for master’s students studying abroad. The country’s economy has experienced booms and busts in the recent past, and Indians are generally very optimistic, industrious and dynamic people. According to India Today, the Indian government has created a program to increase enrollment of foreign students in Indian universities from the current level of about 48,000.

Studying abroad can be an affordable way to earn a college degree while experiencing life in another country. If you’re planning to pursue an MBA or executive MBA, if you are in the required age-limit area, you should definitely look into some of the programs offered by foreign universities.

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