Public Cloud Instances On-demand cloud servers for all your projects





Public Cloud instances (virtual servers) combine flexibility and guaranteed resources. In under five minutes, you get CPU, RAM and storage with no resource over-allocation. You are also the root user, as you would be with a dedicated server. Public Cloud provides simple billing and a number of features such as the ability to add resources without having to reinstall etc. 

Performance and high availability

We ensure guaranteed resources, without over-allocation. 100% of your resources, 100% of the time.


Buying a single server or full infrastructure? the Control Panel will help you get what you need. Simple billing for each machine, no surprises.


Adapt your instances to your needs by upgrading or downgrading them at any time. Add disks and IPs and move them between instances.

Simple pricing with no hidden charges

Each machine is billed on a monthly flat rate. For no extra charge, we offer more than 10 Linux/Unix distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD...). Windows Server is also available, and the licence is included in the price listed.

A scalable infrastructure with no hidden costs

Available features


Billed on the basis of €0.02 ex. VAT/month/GB

Additional disks:

Billed from €0.07 ex. VAT to €0.015 ex. VAT/month/GB 

Additional IPs:

Failover: €5 ex. VAT/IP to set up, then no monthly fees.
Up to 256 IPs per General Purpose instance, RAM and CPU, 16 on Sandbox instances.

Options available:

Load Balancing IPs:

Distribute your traffic intelligently between several instances, from €25.99 ex. VAT/month/IP 


Share your data between your dedicated servers, your Private Cloud and Public Cloud via multiple protocols. 

250 or 500 Mbps, with anti-DDoS protection

Internet bandwidth is guaranteed as is your private network interface, there is no traffic limit.


  • Anti-DDoS protection is included.
  • We do not charge you for your server or disk network traffic.

Additional IPs with no monthly fees

Add up to 256 IPs per server in addition to the free IP included and move them from server to server in a few seconds.


  • You only pay setup fees for additional IPs (€5 ex. VAT). There are no monthly fees after this, as long as the IP is allocated to a machine.

Flexible servers

Our servers are delivered in a few minutes. Whether or not your application is "Cloud Ready", you can adapt the power of each machine to suit your needs.


  • Launch several machines in one click.
  • Got a peak load? Increase the power of your "Flex" instances then return to normal power without having to reinstall.

Unlimited snapshots

Take snapshots of your servers in a few clicks in order to back up your environments or speed up your developments.


  • You can also snapshot your additional disks.
  • You only pay for storage space.

Guaranteed CPU, RAM, bandwidth and no hardware management. These are just some of the advantages that make our Public Cloud stand out.

Based on open-source software technology, Our Public Cloud is distinguished by its features that offer extreme flexibility. You access these features through an intuitive customer interface, allowing everyone to enjoy all the benefits of the Cloud, whatever the nature of their project.

Also offered with your cloud instances

Additional disks

Add one or more disks to complement the storage space already included. Increase their GB size whenever you need. 


  • Triple data replication and two ranges of disks: better price or better read/write performances.
  • These disks can be used as boot disks.

Ready-to-use, custom distributions

Install more than 15 Linux distributions or Windows and FreeBSD distributions.


  • Our images are compatible with cloud-init for automating your software deployments.