Extended Security Information about Security of .edu.eu domains

.edu.eu Domain Registry desires to ensure the highest levels of security are applied and maintained for all elements in the chain that ultimately result in the resolution of a .edu.eu domains on the Internet. .edu.eu Domain Registry, together with partners will endeavor to ensure the secure operation of Registry Services for .edu.eu as described below.

  1. DNSSEC - Offline Facility for Key Storage. DNSSEC project facilities mirror the security and processes used by ICANN for maintenance of the root. 
  2. Transfer of zone files from hidden Master DNS servers to global anycast DNS network using AXFER ⁄ IXFER and TSIG.
  3. Use of a double Anycast and Unicast network for the purpose of distributing signed zones across the DNS.
  4. Integrated with Anycast DNS network of ISC and PCH, arguably the largest, most geographically dispersed Anycast network.
  5. Utilization of best of class technology and rigorous security policies in place to secure, monitor and respond to threats that may compromise the resolution of the .edu.eu domains.
  6. Provisioning against DNS Denial of Service attacks.
  7. The two independently operated and managed Anycast networkʹs total distributed capacity will allow the .edu.eu to absorb even a coordinated DoS attack originating from multiple locations at once.  
  8. Severly restricted and regulated physical access to Registry operating hardware in datacenter.
  9. Monitoring of network traffic and activity through automated processes and seek to detect threats that impact the Registry Services. 
  10. PCH and ISC directly monitor and attempt to detect threats that impact the DNSSEC signing and storage facilities as well as PCHʹs and ISCʹs respective Anycast networks.
  11. Independent Security Assessments.