How to Setup your domain





Please login to your dashboard on 


Premium DNS hosting with us: 

Manage Domain > Manage DNS > Edit A / AAAA records to point it to your servers, add / edit other DNS records if required. We provide premium DNS hosting with every domain registered, on Amazon Route 53 Global DNS network.

Use your own Nameservers:

My Domains > Manage Nameservers > Use custom Nameservers

Add your nameservers and Save.

Add your domain name ( on DNS Server. Cpanel adds it automatically when you add domain to your hosting account if using internal Cpanel DNS Server. For external DNS Server you will have to add it manually.

Now go to Cpanel (or other webhosting panel) and add domain name to point to your web directory (/home/account-name/public_html)

If you require any assistance, Please open a support ticket and We can provide technical assistance or just leave it with us and our experts can do it for you.



1. Enable 2FA with your account on

2. Ensure authoritative name server host names are within the domain zone

3. Implement DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

4. Obtain an Extended validation Certificate

5. Ensure TLS v1.1 or greater has been implemented

6. Create DMARC and SPF and/or DKIM records for email authentication

7. Ensure vendors utilizing DNS records (CNAME, MX) are using TLS and DNSSEC