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REGISTER.EDU.EU is part of European EDU Domain Registry Limited and the place where you can register .edu.eu domains, European ccTLDs, Web hosting, SSL / TLS certificates and security tools. EDU.EU management committee is responsible for management of .edu.eu domain registrations.  

Company was established to provide services such as: 

  • Researching, testing and developing effective and innovative technologies and communication systems for use in European education sector.
  • Facilitating the pooling, sharing and distribution of knowledge, resources and services to support and promote e-learning, and
  • Supporting infrastructure to ensure access to quality assured systems and content and interoperability between individuals, entities and systems.

 The .edu.eu Domain management Committee monitors developments, contributes to major policy for and provides advice on issues related to monitoring and regulating the edu.eu domain space. 

The key functions of .edu.eu management committee include but are not limited to: 

  • Developing and implementing domain name policy.
  • Implementing consumer safeguards.
  • Facilitating .edu.eu Dispute Resolution Policy. 

Note: EEDRL (European EDU Domain Registry Limited) is a different entity from EURID and they are not associated with each other for .edu.eu domains.