Create an instance in your customer account

The Public Cloud lets you create virtual servers (instances) quickly and easily in just a few clicks. These instances are similar to VPS but not exactly the same. Here are the main differences between VPS and Public Cloud instances:


  • Simple customer interface
  • Focused on a single machine
  • A large number of distributions provided

Public Cloud Instance:

  • Instances working together

This guide will explain how to create an instance.


  • You must be logged in to your Customer account on
  • You must have created and configued an SSH key in your customer account. 

Add a server

  • Select Services > Order New Services from menu



Choose the server characteristics

  • Proceed to checkout page

 You can then choose your instance type:

  • VPS-SSD range

|from 1 to 2 vCores|from 2 G to 8 GB of RAM|from 10 to 40 GB of storage|

  • CPU range

|from 2 to 32 vCores|from 7 to 120 GB of Ram|from 200 to 1600 GB of storage|

  • RAM range

|from 2 to 16 vCores|from 30 to 240 GB of RAM|from 200 to 1600 GB of storage|

Choose the operating system

  • For example Ubuntu 14.04


Choose the datacentre region

For example Strasbourg


Pay for invoice and get your cloud instance activated 




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