Benefits of the Cloud + the simplicity of Shared Hosting & cPanel 



Fully Managed Hosting

We free you up to focus on your business ! Hardware & OS upgrades, Security Fixes, Port Access are all managed by our Cloud Hosting experts & you get a cPanel dashboard for FREE.


Upgradable CPU / RAM

Ramp up performance on demand. Monitor your Cloud Hosting resource usage and upgrade your CPU & RAM with a single click to a max capacity of 8 Cores / 8 GB per order.


Cloud Simplified

Secure, powerful and easily scalable Cloud Hosting. Convenience of Shared Hosting and the sheer power of Cloud means you get Zero complications with 100% power.


Upto 1000x Faster

Your pages will load blazing fast. Leverage Varnish Caching - a powerful web application along with top-notch Hardware to speed up your websites by 1000%.


Free Data Migration

Transfer your hosting to our cloud, effortlessly. Transfer your cPanel Hosting to our Cloud Hosting Services effortlessly. Open a support ticket and our team can transfer it for you.


50+ Applications

1-click Installs for WordPress, Joomla & more. Softaculous "Quick Install" is preinstalled on your Cloud Hosting package to install 50+ popular CMSs, Scripts & platforms.


24x7 Support

We offer support 24/7


Resource Monitoring

Intuitive panel to analyse Cloud Hosting metrics. Real-time, comprehensive display of hardware & software resource usage so that you can optimize and scale on-the-fly.


Ceph Storage

Fantastic reliability & distributed storage. Gives 3N redundancy to ensure no single point of failure can affect your data in the Cloud.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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