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.CH Domain Name



.ch country-code top-level domain name (ccTLD) represents Switzerland.


.CH Domain names can be up to 63 characters, with a minimum of three characters, and can contain letters (a to z), numbers (0 to 9), and hyphens (except at the beginning or end of the domain name). Domain names can not be registered with special characters such as & and #.

Registration requirements

The administrative contact for .CH domain name must have an address in Switzerland.

Renewal restrictions

Your .ch domain name renews before its expiration date. The renewal date depends on whether you set the domain name to auto-renew or manually renew. We attempt auto-renewal on the first day of the month prior to the domain name's expiration date. If the renewal attempt fails, we make additional renewal attempts on the 10th and 20th of the month.

If we cannot auto-renew the domain name and you do not manually renew it by the 20th day of the month prior to the expiration date, you can attempt to recover it, and there might be a fee to do so. 




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